Cindy Stratton

West Country Singer-Songwriter, performer, tutor, vocal coach

“Exceptional song writing conveyed by her airy and exquisitely controlled voice” Bath Chronicle.

“Stratton is a force to be reckoned with – a sensitive and accomplished artiste, her songs are self-contained examinations of life and love…”Time Out.

Cindy’s beautifully crafted songs exude emotion, draw us into her narrative, and above all they entertain us with her ‘dulcet highs to husky lows’ voice. There’s always a favourite album of songs I play at my dinner parties — one of Cindy’s! Martin Kiszko Composer.

“Cindy sings with power, assurance and a voice that can both cut and melt…” Bristol Evening Post.

” Have been a fan for many years…..Great songwriter, wonderful lyrics and melodies and stunning voice…”  Julian Richer and Rosie Richer-Richer Sounds.

Having worked in the music business for over thirty years, from post-boy to becoming CEO of two major record companies I have had the privilege of working with many fine artists. I have also had the privilege of working with a few extremely talented writers and performers who whilst I am a fan, I can also now call friends. Cindy and Marius are two of them. I first met Cindy when I was a judge on BBC Radio One’s song writing competition, ‘Hit the Right Note’. I heard her entry at the beginning of the audition process (and when I say we had thousands of entries to listen to over a period of three months would be an understatement) but something kept me coming back to Cindy’s tape. Beautiful voice, great lyrics, exquisite composition and a unique quality that you can’t quite put your finger on that says to you . . . hmmnn this one’s a bit special.  Cindy’s talent comes from her abiding passion for her music, always exploring and expanding her musical boundaries and her undying quest for what can be. Cindy has another unique gift and that is her infectious ability to offer empathy and encouragement to those who would choose to share the same dream.  Brian Shepherd, former director of A&R, former CEO of Phonogram UK and A&M UK.

“The purity and stark beauty of her songs totally destroy you. Watch out!…” Detour.

 “The songs are still of the very highest quality and that glorious smoky, sensual voice is as good as ever…This part of the country is particularly well served by female singer songwriters, but ‘Missing Pieces’ proves that Cindy Stratton is still up there among the very best.” Venue.

“This album (‘Missing Pieces’) is 12 lovingly produced examples of Cindy’s exceptional song writing conveyed by her airy and exquisitely controlled voice”. Bath Chronicle.

“A singer and songwriter who has been part of the local music scene for many years, Cindy was pursued by several major record companies during the early 90’s. A beautiful smoke laced voice and some great songs place her head and shoulders above many of her younger compatriots, as shown on her excellent album ‘Portraits of life and love'”. Venue.

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