Cindy Stratton

West Country Singer-Songwriter, performer, tutor, vocal coach

“A singer and songwriter who has been part of the local music scene for many years, Cindy was pursued by several major record companies during the late 80’s,…a beautiful smoke laced voice and some great songs place her head and shoulders above many of her younger compatriots, as shown on her excellent album ‘Portraits of life and love'”.
Venue 2010

“Exceptional song writing conveyed by her airy and exquisitely controlled voice”
Bath Chronicle

“Stratton is a force to be reckoned with – a sensitive and accomplished artiste, her songs are self-contained examinations of life and love…”
Time Out

“Cindy sings with power, assurance and a voice that can both cut and melt…”
Bristol Evening Post

“The purity and stark beauty of her songs totally destroy you. Watch out!…”

“The songs are still of the very highest quality and that glorious smoky, sensual voice is as good as ever…This part of the country is particularly well served by female singer songwriters, but ‘Missing Pieces’ proves that Cindy Stratton is still up there among the very best.”
Venue magazine.

“This album (‘Missing Pieces’) is 12 lovingly produced examples of Cindy’s exceptional song writing conveyed by her airy and exquisitely controlled voice”.
Bath Chronicle

“Cindy Stratton has become one of the leading forces on the contemporary acoustic music scene, with her vital blend of brilliant self-penned material and a voice that can both cut and melt.

Cindy’s repertoire continues to grow as does her list of credits: from BBC Radio 1 sessions to performance on network television, gigs ranging from international folk festivals to some of the most prestigious live venues here and abroad.

However, Cindy keeps in close touch with her performing roots, and her appearances in small, intimate clubs and pubs remain an unmissable experience.

As Cindy’s last CD demonstrated, she is cast firmly in the reflective singer/songwriter mould, and is as good as just about any of them”
Comment from ‘The Prom Wine Bar’ website

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