Cindy Stratton

West Country Singer-Songwriter, performer, tutor, vocal coach

I am sure there are some budding songwriters out there among you!

I am planning to run some workshops from my home this coming summer/autumn and I wondered if you would like to join me?

The emphasis will be on coaching or small group work, sharing ideas, learning some new approaches, broadening your scope if you have some experience already, and making a start if this is something completely new to you.

So all are welcome!

Lyricists only, musicians only, or people who do both.

The workshop(s) will be followed by a very informal house concert where you’ll have the chance to share your creations with the group.

At the moment I’m keen to find out who is interested so I can plan accordingly so do please let me know if you might be.

Song writing is something I’ve been doing for well over 40 years now and I know from my own experience just how rewarding it can be to create something in this way.

I’m excited about the possibilities for all of us!

Please get in touch

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