Cindy Stratton

West Country Singer-Songwriter, performer, tutor, vocal coach

Star is Risen is Cindy’s latest album release.

Firmly in the Americana tradition, Cindy collaborates with long-standing musical friends Marius Frank (bass keyboards, guitars) Ali Norse (fiddle) Susie Wright (backing vocals) and Eddie John (drums).

The CD also features two bonus tracks, written and performed by Cindy’s most talented daughter, Ellie.

“We have a new addition to the family”, says Cindy, “…a young spirit that has brought joy and love, the inspiration for some of the tracks you will hear… and someone who went on to photobomb our shoot for the album cover!”

The full album can be downloaded from Bandcamp (see Music page links or CLICK HERE)

Star is Risen – 2018
Track list

Star is Risen
Second and a Third Time
Count the Cost
Don’t Give Away Your Heart
Beautiful Bea
Lion and the Lamb
*New Day
* Bonus Ellie Frank tracks (CD only)

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