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October 2020…

October 15, 2020

Well… nothing much has changed since my last post. As a county, we appear to be closer than ever to another lockdown. As a profession, musicians have been totally ignored.

It is a tough time though for everyone, and I am blessed to be able to at least restart some teaching with some wonderful pupils, and we have begun some socially-distanced Covid-secure rehearsals with small groups from Sassparella (whilst the others participate in a simultaneous Zoom session).

Live performances seem a lifetime away… so we will have to think laterally. Marius and I may have an idea come Valentine’s Night (-;

Stay tuned for more announcements.

In the meantime, here is my latest track, Bees, written during the spring of lockdown… no traffic noise, no planes in the sky, just the sound and feel of nature at its most glorious.

Upcoming events

April 5, 2020

Dear all, 

I hope you are all safe and well and it’s my sincere wish for you that despite the unprecedented challenges of recent times you’ve been able to find some positives from the lockdown situation. 

Back in the spring I spent as much time as I could outdoors and was profoundly grateful for my garden.

Inspiration for music came directly from nature, bees humming, everything growing prolifically, birds singing, beautiful clear skies.

My song “Bees” came about. 

It’s going to be played on Chris Samuels wonderful monthly radio show, for West Wilts Radio,  “ My polyphonic life..”, which airs at 6pm this Thurs 3rd Sept, and is then repeated on Sunday as well as staying on their listen again page. This month he celebrates the return of live music.

(My track is about 12 minutes in).

I hope you find time to have a listen and enjoy.

This Sunday Jelli Records is hosting an afternoon and evening online live music event and you can catch me performing a 20 minute set at 4.30. I’d love you to join me.

You can go to Jelli Records FB page and find all the links, or indeed look at my FB page.

Music starts at 2 pm. You are encouraged to make a donation, large or small, the proceeds of which will be shared among all the performers. 

Musicians and artists are having the hardest of times at the moment with so many performances cancelled and an uncertain future ahead, so anything you are able to chip in will help and be massively appreciated.

Well, sending you all my very best wishes and love

The Covid-19 lockdown has really impacted on artists and musicians, along with the gig-going public. I will continue to put some live performances from my music room on Facebook and Youtube… it’s not the same I know, but it’s something.

If things change in the coming months, and we all pray that they do, I will be performing at the Saul Boat Festival on Saturday 18 July, and later in the year at The Rondo in Bath on Saturday 17th October… see you then, I hope…saul boat festival

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